In a guest blog post, Nicky Mileham from our partners at Team KitBrix tells us about his experience of the Major Series South mud run.  Use code bmf1517 to claim your 15% discount off all purchases over £49.99 on the Kitbrix site.

Waking up and looking out of the window it seemed spring was finally with us. This would be the third time I had run at Eridge Park venue but it seemed this time it was going to be dry – well at least off from the start line!

Getting to the venue just south of Tunbridge Wells is a doddle. Parking is free and just metres from the compact event village. On arrival, all competitors spirits were high – whether experienced or new to the sport. We made our way through registration with ease and met the rest of Team KitBrix. It was great to catch up with everyone especially with our very own gentle giant Fred now being based north of the border.


With just enough time to chat with friends and the pre-race visit to the loo, we were in the starting area for the 0930 wave and warm up from BMF instructors. Then we were off to the line and a Mexican wave organised by the Major himself before the starting gun was fired.

This time the course was different and we set off to the right of the village with a short run to the first section and into the BMF beasting area! 15 push ups, 15 squats and 15 burpees  were required before we conquered the round bales. Then there was a decent distance trail run around the park, passing the first split between the 5k and 10k tracks. As always the team had done a top job with setting up the course. They really know how to use the hills and the mud! I think every type of mud had been used in the trails. If you were not running through it then it was up to your knees under the water in one of the bogs!

The obstacles at the event are not the most technical but are fun and well spaced out, consisting of cargo net and barbed wire crawls, balance beams, log carries and a well-constructed A-frame at the finish. Water sections were embellished with some full submersion duck-unders and floating platforms to run over. With BMF instructors marshalling at the obstacles and officials shouting encouragement throughout the course it really was a day of fun for all abilities.

Most spectators gathered around the giant slide and the final hill climb to shout encouragement to all participants. I was happy to cross the line in the top 10 to be greeted by first male Clive and first female Andrea, both from Team KitBrix, with smiles all over their faces.

With the Major Series moving away from being a timed event it really is one to be on everyone’s bucket list whether you’re a competitive runner or just up for a muddy day out with friends and family. This is also the last ever “Major Series” event now becoming “The Major”, with the events individually named.

In Autumn 2017, The Major is moving from several years in Tunbridge Wells to a new venue just outside London, making it more accessible than ever.  The new London event will be known as Woodland Warfare, and will sit alongside the North event Amphibious Assault.

After their win at the Mudstacle Awards for Best Event for Beginners, there’ll be little change to the format, still being perfect for beginners, but even more so now as it’ll be shortened to just a 5-mile (8k) route rather than the 5k and 10k options.

Check out the launch video below and get yourself booked for September! See you all there!!

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