Support from the Major’s Troops

Some of the more frequent comments we receive from our Major Series’ recruits is about the support given whilst completing their muddy mission. The Major’s forces are a combination of our British Military Fitness (BMF) Instructors, supported on either side by budding volunteers. The following gives an insight into the force behind the Major Series. 

Across the Autumn Series the Major deployed over 40 BMF troops to each of his operations in the South, North and Midlands, in addition to approximately 30 volunteers at each. This, the Major feels, provides a great coverage throughout your mission, so you’re never too far away from back-up or a motivational ‘kick up the jacksy’ when you most need it – verbal rather than physical, of course.


They are deployed within each zone at strategic locations. First of all are our troops in the Major’s Barracks. The troops located in ‘Battle Prep’ are there to get you warm, ready and prepared for your operation. The Major selects them for their humour, enthusiasm, and their lack of patience for people who stand still with their hands on their hips – this is key to getting his new recruits into shape and the right frame of mind before taking on their mission.

From ‘Battle Prep’ you’ll then be put through your Basic Training. The Major’s troops will put you through your paces with BMF exercises, crawls and tests on agility.

From here on in it’s ‘on’ with the operation. Through the Land, Air and Marine Zones you’ll receive support from the Major’s deployed forces on the ground. They’re there to guide and assist you to achieve your mission. Volunteers are strategically placed to help guide you on your way, with some stationed with water and rations to keep your energy levels up.


“…The instructors really boosted morale” – Alexandra

“…special thanks to all the marshals and helpers around the course. From a helping hand to shouts of encouragement and a bit of banter too. You guys rock. My new favourite event.” – Helen Biggs

With the aid of the Major’s troops, there is no obstacle that you’ll encounter that is impossible. A challenge perhaps, but the Major’s troops will never leave you behind, and they’ll make sure every recruit completes their mission and returns to the barracks safely.


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