I’ve asked top brass, BMF members, our events team, regular ‘recruits’ and online friends for their top tips for prepping for one of my mud runs – and also added my own two pennies’ worth. Here they are:


Every Private worth his pips knows that Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! It’s all about being organised. So, get to my venues in good time. Find out what facilities are available and take part in the warm up – led by one of my troops with their usual blend of banter and expertise! Knowledge is power and knowing what to expect will ease your nerves if you’re a raw recruit. Not that there’s anything to worry about – just No Mud No Glory, of course!


Wear old trainers that you don’t mind ruining – preferably trail shoes that have had a good wearing in at our BMF classes but that still have decent grip.

If this is your first mud run, don’t worry about getting specialist kit, but if this is something you’re going to do regularly, top competitor and BMF member Jonathan Albon recommends neoprene or sailing gloves to prevent your hands from getting too cold. If your fingers go numb it’s not only uncomfortable but they lose their grip for hauling yourself up obstacles and grabbing the nearest tree trunk to help yourself out of the stench trench!

It also makes sense to bin the baggy trackies and get some Gucci compression or tight-fitting running tights and a t-shirt, as those will lower the chances of your clothes getting ripped or caught, like one previous participant who had a bit of a ‘bum deal’!


Eat some porridge or a banana at home at least two hours before the start of your wave to avoid getting a stitch. BMF’s Nutrition expert Ben Coomber also advises that you avoid experimenting with energy drinks or anything you haven’t tried before. If you can, test out what you plan to do on race day by having some training runs.

After the event, visit the Major’s Barracks to grab a warming hot drink from Cafe Pod and sample some of our other partners’ tasty wares.


Sometimes the mental battle is as hard as the physical one so just give it all you’ve got but don’t worry about getting a top time. Embrace the experience and make it fun!

You’re going to get muddy, you’re going to push yourself and you’re going to laugh – a lot – as you squelch through mud and haul yourself around in your wet clothes. My troops and supporters will motivate you and call you by whatever’s written on your t-shirt to encourage you along the way. We’ve had hen do’s, corporate teams and dozens of charities taking part so find a reason to run to help quash the little voice telling you to stop.

Running with your mates or colleagues in a branded team also makes for a great selfie once you’ve earned your medal.



Pack some wet wipes as there are no hot showers out in the field. You’ll also need a warm change of clothes and BMF Frimley’s “Team Dry Robe,” who have taken part in 15 Obstacle Course Races between them, suggest investing in an aquavest or rash vest, designed for winter kayaking if it’s very cold, as well as one of their fabulous garments of choice. You don’t get these issued by the Quarter Master’s Stores I can tell you!

Our friends at Mudstacle also have some excellent tips and suggest wearing a Go-Pro camera so you can capture your experience on film and share it ☺


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