When The Major was looking for an image that captured the spirit of his new Amphibious Assault course, this photo fitted the bill straight away. So we tracked down the participant, pictured at the Major Series event in the Midlands, to investigate the story behind it:


Sian Slides to the finish line

Student Sian Summers is the smiling slider in this photograph – a netballing-playing student from the University of Derby, who was captured taking part in her very first obstacle course race at the Major Series at Ragley Hall in Alcester, Warwickshire on 18th March 2017.

Sian, who’s 20, plays as Centre for Derby University’s 1st Netball team and it’s the third year that the university netball club has taken part in the Major.

But this year they had the biggest team involved with Sian and 16 other student netball players from the 1st, 2nd and Development teams involved, raising a massive £1600 between them for the children’s charity Action Medical Research.



Sian’s Team


They all travelled from Derby to Warwick together and were a little daunted because none of them are big endurance runners. But Sian soon found that she loves getting muddy and she’d love to do more events like this.

Sian said: “It was quite good that the race was broken up into lots of different obstacles because for most of us, this was our first ever obstacle course race.

“We all set off from the start together and then got separated but regrouped again at the halfway point. It was nice how supportive all the instructors were around the course because we really needed their encouragement and you don’t get that at other events.  The atmosphere was wicked!

“I loved the lake, even though it was freezing cold, and loved getting really muddy. The potato obstacle was great fun too and Sowerby’s Slide was brilliant – of course.  I just went for it.

“Now that I’ve done this, I really want to do more mud runs and I’m definitely signing up to the next Major event.

“My netball team has just won our league and we’re hopefully going on to be a performance team. If we do, we’ll – hopefully – get more funding from the Uni for more strength and conditioning training sessions. I’m also now charity officer on the committee so we’ll want to up both our fitness and our fundraising by taking part in more events like this.”

You can sign up too here

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